Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

  • What if I apply online, can I get my funds the same day I apply?

    Absolutely! Once your request is approved, please visit the store to collect your funds.

  • What if I change my mind and decide I do not want the CSO contract and loan?

    If, for any reason, you decide that you no longer wish to proceed with the CSO contract and loan, you have the option to return the borrowed funds to the lender and cancel the transaction within a generous three (3) day period. No questions will be asked, and there will be no associated fees. This is a completely risk-free! Please refer to the detailed instructions provided in your loan documents for guidance.

  • When will my loan payments be due?

    Your installment loan payments will align with your pay schedule. If you receive monthly paychecks, your payments will also be monthly. If your pay is received bi-weekly, your installment due dates will coincide with your pay frequency, occurring every two weeks.

  • How much will I owe on my due date?

    Throughout the duration of your loan term, you'll be responsible for making periodic CAB fee payments to ensure your loan remains in good standing. As your loan term comes to a close, you will be required to settle your loan principal, cover the final CAB fee, and satisfy any accrued lender interest.

  • What if I can′t pay my loan in full on the due date?

    If you find it challenging to repay your loan in full, we offer the option to refinance. Refinancing entails paying only a refinance fee, which includes the final CAB fee and lender interest. Your outstanding principal loan amount will be carried over into a new term, and you'll manage it by paying CAB fees and lender interest, much like you would with a fresh loan application.

CAB Information

  • What is a CAB?

    Action Express Loans operates as a Credit Access Business (CAB). In essence, this signifies that we facilitate the loan process between you and a third-party lender. Throughout the entire lifecycle of your loan, from application to repayment, Action Credit Express remains your service provider, ensuring a seamless experience. We are here to address any inquiries or concerns you may have regarding your loan

  • Why do I have to pay CAB fees?

    Action Express Loans acts as an intermediary, connecting you with a loan from a third-party lender. As part of this arrangement, we assess CAB fees to the borrower. These regular CAB fees are essential to maintaining the health of your loan and ensuring it remains in good standing.

  • How much will I have to pay in CAB fees?

    The specific CAB fees you'll encounter can vary based on the type of loan you choose and the source of your loan. Additionally, alongside the CAB fees, you will also incur lender interest charges. These interest fees will become due on your designated loan due date, while periodic CAB fees must be paid throughout the entire duration of your loan to ensure your account remains in good standing. The interest rates themselves may fluctuate depending on the specific loan product you select

Title Installment Loan

  • How much money can I borrow?

    With a title installment loan, you could receive up to $5,000.

  • What do I need to apply for a title installment loan?

    You will need the following to apply:
    Vehicle in Driving Condition
    Clear Texas Title
    Valid ID
    Open and Active Checking Account

  • What is the process to apply for a title installment loan?

    To initiate the application process, simply bring your unencumbered Texas title and your vehicle to an Action Credit Express location. Our team will perform a brief inspection of your vehicle, and you will promptly receive a lending decision. Upon approval, you could have your funds in hand and be on your way in 30 minutes or even less!

  • Will a title installment loan alter my vehicle ownership?

    Absolutely not. Your vehicle remains in your possession, and you retain full use of it throughout the entire loan term. The lien on your vehicle will only be released once you've successfully paid off the loan in its entirety. Rest assured, as long as your loan remains in good standing, you maintain full ownership of your vehicle.

Cash Advance Installment Loan

  • How much money can I borrow?

    With a cash advance installment loan, you could receive up to $1,500.

  • What do I need to apply for a cash advance installment loan?

    You will need the following to apply:
    Valid ID
    Proof of Income
    Working Phone Number
    Open and Active Checking Account

  • How do cash advance installment loans work?

    Unlike conventional payday loans, cash advance installment loans follow a different payment structure. They are not designed to be repaid in full on your next pay day. Instead, these loans come with installment terms (you can review example fee schedules here). Over the course of your loan, you will make periodic CAB fee payments, which are vital to maintaining your loan in good standing. When your loan term concludes, you'll be responsible for settling the accumulated lender interest and the principal loan amount in full.